Book Testimonials

"you have residual bills... why not have residual income?"

I was a total skeptic at first...

"I was worried about my reputation as a real estate professional in the community. What would my friends say? My clients? And my husband’s clients? We both work in a high end market and didn’t want to risk being tainted by some “MLM / pyramid scheme “. While I really liked the products, I was concerned about the preconceived notions of others. I agreed to go to a luncheon/meeting. I voiced my concerns and one of the women said to me , “if your friends are going to stop being your friends because you’re doing network marketing, then they’re NOT your friends! Here read this book, The Flip Flop CEO”! While I was a bit put off, I didn’t have a fancy car in my drive way and the real estate market was tanking. I really needed a “Plan B”. So, I thought, o.k., I’ll read the book just to see…. I have to say, it really cleared the fog for me. I am a business woman and learning how this business really works…it’s brilliant! The book gave me the raw facts without trying to “sell “me on anything. No pitch, no groupie weirdos. On the contrary, a smart business plan. The book really helped me understand how this business works, and after reading this book…it totally changed my mind! I suddenly realized this business would be a great fit for me! None of my friends have turned their backs on me. Actually they’ve embraced what I’m doing, and have become my customers. If I hadn’t read that book I probably wouldn’t be in this business and have a great plan B. I now use it as a tool to teach others who are skeptics just like me. Many thanks to you girls for writing it and helping me get out of my own way!"


What Skinny Bit*h did for veganism, Flip-flop CEO does for Network Marketing

"A thoroughly researched and thoughtful book about how to have a successful and productive career outside the norms of corporate life - the authors weave together anecdotes with penetrating commentary that will make even the most skeptical think twice about network marketing. Warning: if you don't like to have a mirror held up to your face, or someone pointing out the things you already know about the facade of the rat race - skip this book. However, if you're looking for that glimpse of hope; searching for a way to simply do life better - then stop reading this review and click the buy button now. You won't regret it!"



"This book is a great read and a must for anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better through the wonder of Network Marketing!! It caters to the new business owner, the seasoned vet and the skeptical and curious. There is just enough information about the network marketing industry and economics in general today and how they correlate. I highly recommend this book!!"

-Craig Hooper


"This is the best book I have ever read that is for everyone to understand this amazing profession !! 5 Stars !!! love it"

-Dianne Partee

The Flip Flop CEO is powerful

"I love this sassy informative new book about the business model of network marketing! It's the best book I have read so far which authentically explains how regular people can live a life of freedom, choices, happy, healthy lives while building a business which can produce CEO income all while wearing your flip flops! I have been sharing with everyone in my life - there is a way out of the rat race and Lory and Janine devour a subject which so many out there do not fully understand. WELL DONE LADIES!"


Not just about Network Marketing! I am inspired!

"I am not a network marketer. Don't know anything about network marketing - until now. ? Reading The Flip Flop CEO not because I want to be a network marketer, but because this book is so inspirational. I am in the corporate world and have two small businesses. I look at every resource I can to give myself an edge and to make myself and my businesses more effective. I find myself taking a highlighter to the book to highlight quotes to review later. One in particular I used with my photography business as I addressed my teens who were graduating this year: "...realize that you can have more, and deserve more, in your life than others claim is possible." This is powerful and deep. I carry these words around with me into every aspect of my life. It motivates me to earn more in spite of any negative obstacles I may face. This book is so much more than about network marketing. It is about inspiring yourself to live your life in a true and authentic way - even if it means breaking away from `normal' and `conventional' ways of thinking. I find this applicable in every part of my life. In today's world - we all need that edge. I love this book!"


Couldn't be any better

"I mean this most sincerely, this is the best network marketing overview book I've ever read. It makes our profession easy to grasp, is incredibly entertaining and funny and inspiring. Quite simply, it couldn't be any better. I am so proud to be included as a success story in this book. May it educate millions of others about what we already know -- that this is the best gig on the planet."

-Romi Neustadt, RFX Consultant and Hall of Fame Member

Everything you wanted to know about Network Marketing, but were afraid to ask!

"I've read this book twice and thought it was even better the second time around. It's not only informative and helpful, but it was such an easy read that I bought some extra copies to give away and a couple more to loan out! I honestly believe that The Flip Flop CEO is going to end up being the best-selling book on the subject because of word-of-mouth recommendations. I've been telling people about it. It's a good book for anyone in Network Marketing ... and at the same time, makes a convincing case to those who are not in Network Marketing (yet)!! It will definitely clear up a lot of misunderstandings that people have about our industry ... and build your faith in the business model too. Despite its simple, 3-part format, it's a very comprehensive book on the topic ... with a writing style that's super cool. I can't imagine anyone not loving it!"

-Reading Rox

Must read!

"I borrowed this book from my mentor who recommended that I read it and let me tell you, this book blew my socks off!! I read it in less that 4 hours! It was so good, I couldn't put it down! I HIGHLY recommend reading this book! You won't regret it :)"

-Kimberly S.

Sassy, with great one-liners

"Awesome, fun, sassy book! If you're in network marketing and have come face to face with questions or apprehension about the legitimacy of the business model, this book gives you firepower and great one-liners that hit home! If you're a skeptic of network marketing, this book will give you a no-holds-barred low-down on why you should see the light! The authors break down exactly what network marketing is, and is NOT... it's a fun, fast read, and worth every minute."



"This book has significantly boosted my confidence as a beginning Network Marketer. Network Marketing truly is the opportunity of a lifetime so easily dismissed by preconceived, and unquestioned, notions which is so sad. This books gives you the backbone to present the business in a professional and profound way no one with any logic can resist. Know your facts and step forward with integrity and authenticity like never before, fellow MLM'ers... and be proud. There are people who make companies (or industries) look bad and those who you look so far up to it makes you look bad... both extremes are everywhere around us. It's time to change this misconception, one by one, and empower people to take their freedom back and achieve things they never thought possible! As a result of this book, my mission has become "to help slaves become dreamers and fly" (financially as well as mentally)."


Great Book!

"I absolutely love this book. I give it to all of my potential customers and potential business partners. It is a real eye opener for those people that think Network Marketing is "one of those things". Thank-you so much!!!"

- Joanne

Great for people unsure of the network marketing biz

"This is the perfect book for someone to read who is unsure of the business. It gives them all sorts of angles to view the business from. It's a great book for those already in the industry, as well. I would recommend it to anyone who wants more information on the business. It's funny and witty, too!"



"Finally a user friendly book on network marketing. Even skeptics will have to take a second look. My business is booming!"

-Kim Johns

Love love love this book!

"I love this book! I'm just jumping in to my first Networking Marketing career for the first time and this book was such a inspiration to me. I love the marketing tools and how it movitvated me to get off my bum and do some thing that's ending up to be so much fun for me!! I've been a hairdresser and owned 5 beauty salons and loved my job but it was such hard work!! This is way easier and I love socializing with all the new people in my life!! Thanks Janine, Lory & Whitney for such a helpful great book!!"

-Margaret Wilson

The Flip Flop CEO

"There are only two books that can completely change your life, if you listen to what you read: the Bible and The Flip Flop CEO. My future will be awesome and my hope is big because of what I have read! Thank you to the three authors of The Flip Flop CEO for sharing their true understanding and experience in network marketing! NM is my second best friend! Thank you for this book!"

-Dawn Steward

The BEST book on Network Marketing, PERIOD.

"As a professional in the industry for over a decade, this is by far the BEST book on Network Marketing that I've come across. It was an absolute page turner...I couldn't put it down! With an organization of 20,000+, there are not many books that I endorse...but this is certainly one of them. It is insightful, informative and entertaining; an absolute MUST READ for everyone. This book will open the eyes of the skeptics, inspire the believers and explode the businesses of the professionals in this industry."


The Flip Flop CEO is very compelling - truly a worthwhile read

"As someone who like the authors is all about wanting to make a difference... I absolutely loved this book! It is fresh, factual and current. So much of what the boomers know about network marketing is dated - like 20 years out of date. This book will enable that group to get with the times. And for the younger generations the authors present very clearly why network marketing today is a real option. It is a quick read that will enlighten all generations - I absolutely loved it! As someone else said - well done ladies!"

-Carol Bourque

Excellent read for anyone considering a new career!

"I would recommend this book to anyone considering a new career. It is concise and to the point. The more I learn about this industry the more amazed I am. This book is about is about time and financial freedom. And is for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better. But it's not a lotto ticket it is hard work with great rewards!"


Male or Female....everyone should read this book!

"It doesn't matter what profession you are in or if you are male or female. If you are a full-time mom or dad, homemaker, doctor, lawyer, banker, executive, or student -- it doesn't matter! Read this book and you will learn something that you wished you would have learned years ago. Forget about what you knew about network marketing and just dive in to this book. I recommend this book to anyone in any profession that really desires a new way of life."

-Jesse Caballero


"I read this book front to back during a 4 hour plane ride - it was super easy, fun, and sassy! I couldn't put it down! Being a network marketer, I've faced resistance, confusion, ignorance, reaction, etc. against what I do. (Especially being a chiropractor... I've received lots of judgements and been asked why I'm doing this in addition to being a doctor, isn't that my passion? Well, when I can change more lives by sharing an amazing product that compensates me for word of mouth marketing.... which facilitates me in doing what I love for the fun of it... why wouldn't I choose that?? And this book couldn't scream that better!!!) The Flip Flop CEO debunks all of the fears, preconceived notions, and fixed points of views that people may have about network marketing. Before reading this book, I still experienced the nervous jitters before calling old friends or family members to introduce them to the amazing lifestyle I have... all in worry of them shutting me down or refusing to even take a glimpse into what else is possible. Now, I feel I have more confidence in sharing what I do... and these gals really gave me some great lines and points to use in combating any resistance I'm faced with. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This is an absolute must read for ALL! However, if you don't desire more in any area of your life, this book isn't for you! It will motivate you to make changes NOW and to take that first step in the direction of creating your dream life!!"

-Dr. Shelly

A perfect Book for these times...

"I absolutely loved this book, it has been written at the perfect time for these Economic times.. It's describes in a great Sassy way how far the direct Selling industry has moved into this 21st Century.. I've been a successful traditional business man for over 30 years opening and operating a Restaurant Company from Hawaii to Colorado.. In 2008 I was introduced to the Network Marketing World and my perception of the Industry was Changed for ever. the Flip Flop CEO explains this transformation of Direct sells into today's financial times.. While the majority of the Direct Selling business owners are Women, estimated at over 64% . Many Business men are now opening direct selling companies .so this book is a must read by both men and women who are building large network Marketing businesses. I recommend the Flip Flop Ceo if you are building your company into a large multi million dollar business, or just looking for some supplemental income for your family, I have all my new business partners read it"

-J. Michael Executive manager Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing


"I can't put the book down! Awesome information! Love the "down to earth" feeling it gives you while reading it. Info is great on network marketing! Thanks Flip-Flop CEO's for sharing your advice, opinions, and knowledge about network marketing!"

-N. Hilton

Flip Flop is TOPS!

"This is an AWESOME BOOK!! LOVE IT! I am in the Network Marketing Field and really believe that sharing this book with my current team and new people is Critical! It is Fun, Engaging and Educational! Great Work Girls! See you at the Top in My Flip-Flops !!"


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