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It’s time to Rethink Success

It’s time to get a life!

The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, its complacency
Do you feel like you’re the only one around who “gets it”?
Do you know people who have money, but no time to enjoy it?
Do you know people who have time, but no money to enjoy it?
Do you know entrepreneurs who love what they do, but what they are doing isn’t paying them enough to survive?
Do you know families who live paycheck to paycheck, and would be devastated if a significant expense happened unexpectedly?
What are the options for most people to create residual income (having BOTH time and the money to enjoy it)?
Hmmmm…perhaps, a…
Rock Star?
Best Selling Author?
Own a Successful Franchise?
Become an Investor (how much money do you need to invest…does anyone you know have that much money to invest?)
Live off of Interest in Savings Account 



Grow a business through Network Marketing

A good analogy of what network marketing looks like to most people: A “Magic Eye” puzzle. One of those puzzles from a decade or so ago, that you would initially look at and not see the “hidden image” that was supposedly there. Finally though, once you stared at the picture long enough, and squinted your eyes just so, suddenly the “hidden” image would pop out and once it did, you could no longer deny that it was there.  Then you’d show it to others, so they could see it too.  Just like the Magic Eye Puzzle, your family and friends look at this business model, and they hear you describe what you see, but they don’t “get it”.  They probably think you’re a bit crazy, right?   So, you try and try to explain a little more, hoping to get them to see what you see.   But many people still just cannot see it.  For those who have seen it, they know it’s real.  In network marketing, as with Magic Eye puzzles, some people see what you see right away. Some people will take more time to see it. And some people may never be able to see what you see.

Have you ever seen the picture of Bill Gates, standing in his garage, as a teenager, with some of his friends (you can google this, if you haven’t seen it).  There is a caption under the picture that reads…”would you have invested”.  Sometimes when you’re ahead of the crowd, you must endure being looked at as “crazy” by those who are less imaginative and forward thinking as you are.  This is exactly what we look like to our skeptical friends. Those who are ahead of the crowd, are often treated like social outcasts…but remember, there are three kinds of people.   Those who make things happen.  Those who watch things happen.  And, those who wonder what happened.  Bill Gates made things happen.  It’s important to ask yourself, "Can I 'take' the social rejection that comes with being ahead of what is accepted?"  It’s very important to determine if you care more about how you look, than doing what you know is the smartest thing you can do.  This business is NOT for everyone.  Do you want to be one of those who make things happen, or are you okay with wondering what happened?  Are you a leader or a follower?  You are on the cutting edge.  You are forward thinking.  You have the courage to follow a different path because you know that the map that others are following will not lead them to the lifestyle that they want to go. Are you okay with taking the road less traveled?

Here’s the deal.

The Flip Flop CEO’s are here to start a movement!  It’s time to “give a shift” and join the movement of SHIFT, of not buying into the status quo….we're a tribe of people who are here to provide hope to others who are looking for a way to plan their work around their life, rather than their life around their work.  We want to lighten up the commute time traffic.    Our tribe wants clarity and enlightenment about the possibility of life looking different from the way it’s been for our parents and grandparents!  We are here to create a paradigm shift and wake up the sheep walkers!

Here’s the challenge.

We know that once you “get it”, you want everyone else to get it, too.  But most of the time when someone is just getting started, they blow it by saying too much, or all the wrong things, and before you know it, everyone they care about has slammed the door in their face.  Many people give up at that point, walking away, rationalizing to themselves that it just doesn’t work.

Here’s the solution.

Use The Flip Flop CEO to do the talking for you.  For all of those important people in your life, BEFORE you alienate yourself.  We’ll share a few different scenarios that will help you with how to do that.   It’s time to BE the change we wish to see. A paradigm shift doesn’t just happen; it is driven by agents of change. It’s time for us to come together and confidently share the truth about what this business model is and what it is NOT.  It’s time to break the stigma and bring clarity to the outdated beliefs that our society has about network marketing!  You know it ROCKS, and we know it ROCKS, so let’s come together as a profession, and share the facts about this very misunderstood topic!

It’s up to us to enlighten those around us about the brilliance of this profession.  We believe it's time for a revolution, a transformation, a metamorphosis in the way our society perceives what work looks like.  It’s time to shine a light on the brilliance of this "best kept secret" solution for those who crave freedom and flexibility!

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