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“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer


Lory and Janine

We are mother and daughter. So naturally, we don’t always agree. In fact, the biggest bone of contention in our relationship to date is what inspired our book – the subject of network marketing. It came into our lives eight years ago, when one of us decided to pursue it with gusto and the other resisted it with might. We battled for over a year.   Eventually, after lengthy periods of arguments, tears and silence, we landed in a place where we finally saw eye to eye. Today, we’ve both built thriving network marketing businesses and have fulfilled many of our lifelong dreams, the biggest of which is working together.   We wrote The Flip-Flop CEO book because, while the divide in our perspectives of the network marketing industry is now bridged, it still exists in other families, friendships and society at large. On one side are the insiders –people who believe in the network marketing business model, hopeful of the possibilities it presents, frustrated that others don’t see it. On the other are the outsiders, skeptical of all the promises, annoyed and offended that network marketing keeps showing up. In the middle are the people who have no idea what it is. Wherever you stand, our book is for you. And there are a couple of things we hope you get out of reading it. The first is a fresh perspective on the network marketing industry. The second, and most important, is a heartfelt realization that you can have more, and deserve more, in your life than others claim is possible.   Our message may seem tough in parts, but we promise it truly comes from a place of love. So if we sound a little feisty, it’s because we’re fired up about this topic. We know that when most people hear the words “network marketing”, they instantly plug their ears, and we didn’t want to get tuned out.   When we decided that this book needed to be written, we went in search of someone who could help communicate our voice. We found the perfect fit, in the form of an entrepreneur, writer and recovering attorney, who ironically, despised network marketing. But there are no accidents. Today, she is not only a believer, but a successful network marketer and our co-author as well.   We don’t claim to be experts on the subject of network marketing. We’re just living proof that it does work, and you can have it all. This industry has given us the gift of a lifetime – the ability to plan our work around our life rather than our life around our work. And now we want to share that gift, in the form of this book, with you.

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