“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer


Lory and Janine

We are mother and daughter. So naturally, we don’t always agree.

The biggest bone of contention in our relationship to date is what inspired our books—the subject of Network Marketing. After graduating from college, Lory entered the workforce, and very quickly discovered that a traditional career path was not going to work for her. Lory craved freedom. She could not believe that so many people were willing to spend their lives on a treadmill, doing something that they don’t enjoy…living for weekends and holidays.

After college, Lory thought she’d be able to create a lifestyle just like the one she’d designed when she was in college, where she scheduled her classes around her life, rather than her life around her classes. When Lory discovered Network Marketing she immediately knew that she’d found exactly what she’d been searching for:  A way to plan her work around her life; working the hours and days that were best for her; with no cap on the amount of income she could earn.

Lory couldn’t wait to share what she’d found with me. I’m Janine, Lory’s mom. At the time, we’d been looking for a way to go into business together. The challenge was we couldn’t come up with any viable ideas. Then, Lory learned about this “thing” called, Network Marketing. She thought it was the perfect solution for us, and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. She just knew that I’d be as excited as she was. To Lory’s extreme dismay, I was NOT excited. I’d had my own experience with Network Marketing thirty years earlier. I’d been invited over to someone’s house for dinner, and when I arrived, it turned out to be a Network Marketing business opportunity presentation.  I was appalled. It was the typical “bait and switch” scenario that so many people experienced back then. I wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, I was adamantly opposed to Lory being involved, and warned her to run as far away from the people sharing it with her as possible!

Lory had never seen me be so strongly opposed to anything before. We continued to argue about this contentious topic for over a year. Lory could not understand why I was so resistant. I could not understand why she didn’t trust my judgement. Then, while on a flight together, Lory fell asleep and I was desperate for something to read. She had a small book sitting on her lap so I decided I’d take a look at that. The book turned out to be about Network Marketing. By the time Lory woke up, I’d made a complete paradigm shift in my perception of what this business was about. The book made me realize that my disgust for Network Marketing was actually about the experience I’d had, rather than the business model. I’d never considered that possibility before. I finally saw the business from a completely different perspective.

Suddenly, I saw what Lory saw! Within a week, I joined Lory in her business. Together we each built successful Network Marketing businesses side by side. We treated the opportunity as seriously as we would any other business endeavor, and it worked! In one year, we’d both exceeded our corporate incomes, without having to go to a job every day! We’d also each earned the company car, and an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico, that we got to together.

Because of our experience, we knew we had to help others have a more accurate picture of this business.  The divide in perspectives that we’d experienced is still happening among other families, friendships, and our society at large.  On one side are the insiders – people who believe in the business model, hopeful of the possibilities it presents, frustrated that others don’t see it.  On the other side are the outsiders – skeptical of all of the promises, annoyed that it keeps showing up. In the middle are the people who have absolutely no idea what it is.

Wherever you stand, our books will provide a better understanding about this topic. There are a couple of things we hope you'll get from reading them. The first is a brand new outlook on the Network Marketing profession. The second, and most important, is a heartfelt realization that you can have more, and deserve more, in your life than others claim is possible.

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We are mother and daughter. So naturally, we don’t always agree. In fact, the biggest bone of contention in our relationship to date is what inspired our book – the subject of network marketing…

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Does the Shoe Fit?

The sequel to “The Flip Flop CEO,” is a guide to help you decide if trading your heels for flip flops, and becoming a Flip Flop CEO is the right move for you.

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