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Heels to Flip Flops
Readiness Quiz!

welcome to the "heels to flip flops quiz!"

Are you ready to kick off your heels and slip your toes into the lifestyle of a Flip Flop CEO? Take the quiz to find out!

I’m feeling ready for a change in my life (not sure if I need a big one or a small one)
I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make my life better.
I get that there are no quick-fixes.
I’m a natural born cheerleader for anything I believe in.
I’m not easily taken out of game.
I’m flexible, I can go with the program or do my own thing.
I play well with others.
I have no problem investing in things that make me and my life better.
I love helping others.
I believe I should be paid what I’m worth.
I think I may have what it takes to grow a business.
I get that I’m responsible for the results in my life.
I’m interested in the possibility of what could be.
I am driven by the things that matter most to me.
I trust my gut.
I’m totally open to new ideas.
I admit it, I don’t know everything, but I’m always willing to learn.
When I take on something, I own it.
I love to inspire others.
Freedom and flexibility are number one in my book!