Enough already!

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The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. 
Steve Jobs

Real change is a spiritual process because it requires a change of heart. What makes change difficult is the hearts of those who resist change are hardened. Provoking them is not for the faint of heart.
Call us crazy but we have a dream.  And, it just won’t go away.

We believe it’s the perfect time to come together for change.
We need YOUR help.
Until we educate those around us about what network marketing truly is, and is not, the skewed statistics and half-truths that cause skepticism will prevail.  We will continue to be treated as the outcasts.
The” Me too” movement has provided a powerful reminder of what can happen when people come together to speak the truth and say no more!  Enough already.
Imagine what could happen if we all come together, at one time, to do what we do best…SHARE something we passionately believe in.

By uniting, with the same message, at the same time, we have the opportunity to make a real impact.

Will you join the Clarity Movement?
Will you stand with other Network Marketers, to ignite this movement for clarity?
Will you commit to educating someone who doesn’t understand our profession?
Will you embrace the vision of creating a paradigm shift in the way society views our profession?

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

  • Get involved.  Join our private Facebook group:  The Clarity Movement by Flip Flop CEO Chicks for Change
    • Enroll your team.
    • Make it fun!
    • The more people participating, the more effect we’ll have.
    • Help us spread the word!  Enroll others in this movement, and please share the message on social media (Facebook, Instagram) #TheClarityMovement, #FlipFlopCEO  
  • Get the plan.  Know what to do and how to do it.  Share the vision. Share the steps.
  • Get the books.  Order The Flip Flop CEO now (or dust off a copy that you already have) and be prepared to participate.
    • We are offering a special to help get the book into more people’s hands.
    • Buy 4 books and get a 5th book free
    • Our website:(www.TheFlipFlopCEO.com, use code CLARITY (for every order of 5 books, you will receive a discount of $12.95)FREE WRISTBAND for each book purchased.
    • Amazon (Use code CLARITY18 for a discount on The Flip Flop CEO, and CLARITY19 for a discount on Does the Shoe Fit?, enter 5 books, to receive a $12.95 discount)
      If you have another book that you’d prefer to use, please feel free to do so.  Our goal is to create clarity, so the most important thing is to use a book that will get read.  You want to choose the appropriate book for each person.  The Flip Flop CEO is designed to connect with someone who is a complete skeptic to NMing.  But, there are some other books that you might want to include in your “Tool Kit”, as well.  Here are a few others:  The Four Year CareerThe Four Year Career for WomenA Lawyer’s Case for Network MarketingThe 45 Second Presentation
      Why use a book…it allows us all to be “singing the same song”.  It’s a message that duplicates.  Share the same information.  Everyone can use a book.  It takes you out of the equation.  Use the tool; don’t try to be the tool.
  • Give a book. Open your heart.
    • Explain that your intention is clarity.  (It’s NOT to recruit every person you share the book with.)   Simply say:”I want to be sure you understand what I’m actually doing”.  Share your true desire for connection.
    • Convey your respect.  Politely, ask for 30 minutes of their time to read/listen to, The Flip Flop CEO, and time to have a follow-up conversation to seek their perspective.
    • Set up the next appointment right then….so they will actually get the 30 minutes of reading done!  (Most people will go on to finish the book, instead of just reading the first couple of chapters)!
  • Get feedback.  The fortune is in the follow-up.  Ask if anything has changed.  Was it worthwhile? Then….share on Facebook, what people are saying!
  • Get in the game. Share your experiences on our private Facebook page, and on social media.


It’s time for understanding.

It’s time for respect.

It’s time to Re-Think Success!

We’ve been perceived as the misfits long enough.

Going against the flow is how all great things begin.

Dreaming of more than others believe is possible is not a curse.  It’s a gift,…to be celebrated and embraced.
Our craving for freedom is the source of our strength.
We have wise, kind hearts that yearn for understanding.
Our wild, strong voices may be whispers in a crowd,
but when we join together, there’s no silencing our roar.

We are messengers of hope, possibility and abundance.
We rock, raise, and nurture, we teach, lead, and empower.
We care deeply and are warriors with a cause.
We create, we inspire, and we impact the lives of others.

We are powerful beyond measure.
Enough already.

It’s time for us to unite our passion for living life on your own terms.

Our mission is to bring clarity to the topic of Network Marketing and to raise the awareness that it is possible to plan your work around your life rather than your life around your work, and still earn a significant income.

It’s important for us to remember:  Network Marketing is not for everyone, but it is a viable, legitimate solution for those who crave freedom and flexibility.

Education is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

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