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The clarity movement

Our mission is to create a clarity movement.

“It is possible to plan your work…..”

“It is possible to break free from limitations…

“It is possible to earn a CEO income in your flip flops”

“It is possible to get from where you are….

“It is possible that you may need to look “out of the box” for the solution”


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Enough already!

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.  Steve Jobs Real change is a spiritual process because it requires a change of heart. What makes change difficult is the hearts of those who resist change are hardened. Provoking them is not for the faint of…

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Books for Your Tool Kit

The Flip Flop CEO

The Flip Flop CEOs will take everything you have learned about the business of network marketing and flip it right side up. By the time they are done with you, you will have a serious case of whiplash, a fresh perspective on this industry, and a brand new outlook on yourself. Do not let your ego or misconceptions get in the way of reading this book. The quality of your life depends on it.

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Does the Shoe Fit?

The Flip Flop CEOs guide to helping you decide. What determines your success? 9-to-5: Your academic degrees. Your education and experience. The income you have earned. Your past accomplishments. Your boss. VS. Flip Flop CEO: Your degree of desire. Your earnestness & excitement. The income you want to earn. Your future aspirations. You.

Are you working to fulfill your own dreams or someone else's?

It's time to rethink success!

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a lawyer's case for network marketing

In this groundbreaking new book, former federal prosecutor Pamela Barnum investigates the often-criticized and misunderstood profession of network marketing. She combines insight learned from twenty years in the criminal justice system with observations made as a professional network marketer. The information is delivered with the wit and humor you would expect from someone who transitioned from a career of Breaking Bad to a profession focused on Breaking Busy, and will provide you with a path to the freedom to build your own career. Is the life you re living worth the price you re paying? Before network marketing, Pamela Barnum s resounding answer was no . At the time, she was working more than sixty hours a week as an attorney prosecuting drug dealers. She had given up her career as an undercover police officer to get married and start a family. She thought working as a lawyer would be a more family-friendly job. It turns out she had simply traded one demanding career for another. When a friend introduced her to network marketing, she did what her extensive experience in the criminal justice system taught her to do she investigated. She thought it was one of those pyramid schemes and set out to prove it. This book details what countless hours of research and years of personal experience reveal about network marketing. If you are a network marketer, or someone who is interested in learning more, this book is a compass that will help you find the truth. Find out: ? What network marketing is and whether it is a viable business opportunity for you. ? How the law applies to network marketing. ? What it takes to be successful with network marketing. ? Why a skeptical lawyer left her career to pursue the profession of network marketing. ? What to look for in a network marketing company.

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The Four Year Career

The Four Year Career® is the perfect recruiting and belief building tool for Network Marketing. You'll learn: What Network Marketing really is (debunks the common myths). The power of asset and residual income ... features easy-to-grasp illustrations. The three basic activities that are key to building a business that will last. What to look for when choosing the company that is best for you. True-life, rags-to-riches stories from some of the top names in the profession.

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The Four Year Career for women

The Four Year Career® for Women 4th Edition featuring: Bridget Cavanaugh, April Pointer, Jenifer Furness, Jeanie Fountain, Aldis Loreno, Shauna Peterson, Sonia Magruder, Sharon McDonald, and Judy O'Higgins. This book for any woman adventurous enough to open it up and begin the journey to a richer, more fulfilling, more purpose-driven life. Written by Kimmy Brooke, who went from struggling single mom to true financial freedom, this quick, fun read will allow you to explore your life in a self-narrative, journaling type of way. You will uncover new ideas, answer questions, and better understand the concept of this model called Network Marketing. It will lead you to answer one simple question: Is this for me? This is the for women version of the bestselling Network Marketing book The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke, Kimmy's partner in love, marriage and business.

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The 45 Second Presentation

What started off as a simple tool to help build their personal network in 1981 has turned into a networking best- seller The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is a virtual training manual on network marketing designed to teach you a step-by-step plan for building a profitable sustainable network marketing business Network marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of independent distributors With nearly four decades worth of instructions and insights this book provides you with the essentials for building and maintaining your lucrative home business

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