It’s time to get a life you love!

Regardless of your age or stage in life, if you’re searching for a way to earn the income you desire…on your own terms

“The Flip Flop CEO” will explain an option that you may not have considered.

For those who would like to evaluate whether earning a CEO income in your flip flops might be a good fit for you, “Does the Shoe Fit?” is a guide to help you decide.

Planning work around life, rather than life around work,

offers a way for life & work to peacefully co-exist,

free of the constant conflict of having to choose one over the other.

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"plan your work around your life, rather than your life around your work!"

what readers are saying?

....sharing this book with my team and new people is Critical

"Flip Flop is TOPS! This is an AWESOME BOOK!! LOVE IT! I am in the Network Marketing Field and really believe that sharing this book with my current team and new people is Critical! It is Fun, Engaging and Educational! Great Work Girls! See you at the Top in My Flip-Flops !!"



"This book is a great read and a must for anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better through the wonder of Network Marketing!! It caters to the new business owner, the seasoned vet and the skeptical and curious. There is just enough information about the network marketing industry and economics in general today and how they correlate. I highly recommend this book!!"

-Craig Hooper

Great Book

"I absolutely love this book. I give it to all of my potential customers and potential business partners. It is a real eye opener for those people that think Network Marketing is "one of those things". Thank-you so much!!!"

- Joanne

Everything you wanted to know about Network Marketing, but were afraid to ask!

"I've read this book twice and thought it was even better the second time around. It's not only informative and helpful, but it was such an easy read that I bought some extra copies to give away and a couple more to loan out! ... It will definitely clear up a lot of misunderstandings that people have about our industry, and build your faith in the business model too. I can't imagine anyone not loving it!"

-Reading Rox

The Flip Flop CEO

It's time to get a life!


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Does the Shoe Fit?

It's time to rethink success!


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