Welcome to The Flip Flop CEO.

It’s time to get a life.

Stop. Right this instant.

Stop running around like crazy, and listen up.

Your life has been hijacked. It doesn’t belong to you
anymore.  And unless you do something about it,
you’re not getting it back.

You’re handcuffed to a job. You’re worth more than you’re paid.
Your debt is growing. Your 401(k) is not.
You say you’re running a business. But it’s clearly running you.

You miss your kids. You miss your friends.
You miss your health. They miss you too.

We’re not here to judge. We’ve been right where you are.
We just want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have a choice.

The Flip Flop CEOs will take everything you’ve learned about the business of network marketing and flip it – right side up. By the time they’re done with you, you’ll have a serious case of whiplash, a fresh perspective on this industry, and a brand new outlook on…yourself. Don’t let your ego or misconceptions get in the way of reading this book. The quality of your life depends on it.

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